Code of Conduct

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping, dining and entertainment experience for our guests, Adrian Mall prohibits at all times any conduct that may interfere with these purposes, including without limitation:

Any activity that disrupts our family-friendly environment and/or the legitimate business of tenants:

  • Loitering or gathering in large groups and/or blocking access to any common area(s) of the property
  • Shouting, excessive noise or playing/broadcasting outside music or media
  • Running, horseplay or unsafe behavior
  • Profane, threatening, hostile or disruptive language/behavior
  • Inappropriate or offensive attire
  • The use of unauthorized personal/recreational transportation devices (bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc.)

Any activity inconsistent with the primary purpose of mall or merchant property:

  • Misuse of property (furniture, games or vending machines, wheelchairs/strollers, displays, facilities etc.)
  • Loitering/parking on property after hours. Unauthorized vehicles left overnight may be towed at vehicle owner’s expense.

Any activity that threatens safety or violates any applicable law, code or ordinance:

  • Any/all unlawful acts- During school hours, excluding lunch breaks, unaccompanied minors will be asked to leave the mall.
  • Defacing, damaging or destroying any property belonging to the mall, its patrons or tenants/employees
  • Fighting, harassment or provoking confrontationsIllegal possession or consumption of alcohol, drugs or other substances- Use of alcoholic beverages and/or smoking is restricted to designated areas.
  • Possession or use of any weapon
  • Any other activity or conduct deemed unacceptable by mall management.

The following are strictly prohibited without the prior express written consent of Adrian Mall management:

  • Unauthorized photography, video or audio recordings of or on any portion of mall property, including common areas and merchant storefronts
  • Unauthorized media presence- To request media access or information, please call 972.428.2944 or email
  • Unauthorized solicitation or the distribution of literature, promotions or any other printed materials
  • Unauthorized assemblies, demonstrations or events and/or the promotion of any such gatherings

Adrian Mall is private property and requests the cooperation of all patrons, tenants and employees in complying with the Adrian Mall Code of Conduct. Those who fail to comply may be asked to leave for a specified period of time and may also be subject to arrest and prosecution for violation of applicable laws. The Code of Conduct applies to the entire property, including parking lot